why weight Academy
8-week bootcamp



New Food Strategy

Every two weeks


Goal Setting, planning


Check-in with Sheryl at beginning and end

Is it time for

a change?

Even if you are exercising 5 times a week, you are eating 30+ times per week.

Eating is what you need to get right if you want real (and life-long) results!

This 8-week bootcamp

will give you all you need to succeed:

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New food plan every two weeks

Bootcamp starts with a food plan based on real, delicious food. Every two weeks a new food strategy is introduced. This keeps your metabolism stimulated and the scales moving downwards! You need to keep your body guessing what is coming next if you want to lose serious fat.

Meal planner and recipe guide

14-day meal planner with lots of different meal options and recipes. You don't have to be a gourmet chef! It can be as simple as you want. You will be given portion sizes of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Recipes are suggested or you can structure meals as you desire.

Comprehensive Support

When you start bootcamp you can book an appointment with me to discuss the programme and check your body composition. You can come for another check-in at the end, to see how your body composition has changed.

You can contact me by email or messanger whenever you need to.


All the food templates are ready for you to download when you sign up: food plans, meal plans, eating guide, recipes.
You also get access to my full suite of planning templates: daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, goal setting resources.
Everything you need to stay accountable and on track.

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Here's what you get

when you start bootcamp


You will receive a food plan, 14-day meal planner, eating guide and recipe guide.

Your first food plan is released on the 1st February 2021.  All the resources you need to get started straight away.


You will receive downloads to help you plan your goal, get clear on your vision and track your progress.

The key to success is creating a powerful goal.  The goal setting module helps you get clarity on what you are doing and why it is important to you.


You will receive downloads for a daily planner, weekly planner, measurement tracker and goal and action check list.

Organisation is the key to success.  This module contains all the templates you need to take ownership  of your day and stay on track. 

Are You Ready To nail your goals?

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$ 319
  • Get 4 x food plans
  • goal setting, planning resources
  • 2 x check-ins with Sheryl: Body composition analysis
  • Meal plans, recipe guide

Not sure if Bootcamp is
right for you?

Book in a quick 10-minute phone call and we can discuss your goal

What people are saying

Frequently asked questions

No.  You will get a 14-day meal planner and you can choose the meals that suit you.  There’s lots of variety in meal options.

Yes you can.  The important thing is that you eat protein with every meal.  Vegetarian protein options (tofu, tempeh, quorn, protein powder etc) are absolutely fine.

When you sign up you will get access to three modules :  Food, goal setting and planning.  This will be available from Friday 29th January. You also get access to our private Facebook page.  Then, you will receive a new food plan every two weeks.

The meal choices are flexible so you can adjust the levels of carbs and vegetables etc to suit your own needs.  

No you don’t.  In my opinion, exercise is great for mental health but not for weight loss.  Your result will come from focusing on the thing that matters the most:  Eating!  In saying that, if you do exercise, you will be able to continue when you do Bootcamp.  You may need to adjust your portions of protein/fat if you get more hungry on days when you are exercising. 

No you don’t.  The eating plan is based on real food.  No special supplements are required.

Bootcamp officially starts on Monday 1st February 2021.  Resources for the first two weeks will be available from Friday 29th January.

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