10 easy tips to lose the last 5kgs

When you have 5kgs left until you hit your goal, it's like running a marathon and realizing you are on the last few kilometres.
The end is tantalizingly close, but you're tired and there's still a big effort required to get to the end.

At this point in a weight loss journey, the challenge is more mental than physical.  You are used to following a food plan and making changes but tackling the last 5kgs requires a new level of self discipline and focus.  

This is a journey I know intimately.  Last year my weight was hovering a pesky 2kgs above where I wanted it to be.  A small amount on paper, but the consistency required to get those 2 kilos  and keep them off was alluding me.  I had to dig deep!

Here are the things I put into practice and the strategies I share with my clients who are going through the same challenge:

1. Create an exciting goal

Bikini holiday coming up?  Tropical Island getaway?

It’s great to dangle a carrot in front of you.  If you have something exciting to look forward to, you are far more likely to take action and keep going to the end.

2. Connect to your goal every day

Writing it once in your journal and looking at your journal once a month doesn’t count.  You need to connect to that goal every day.  In the same way we need to wash our body every day to keep it clean, we need to refresh our mind daily to keep this goal top-of-mind.  

3. Celebrate every little win

You will need to be your own biggest cheerleader at this point.  Remind yourself of all the positive changes you are making and every little victory.  Small victories add up to big wins.

4. Be mindful of every little bite

Your mind may tell you ‘It doesn’t count’ but it does!  It might not count when you have 20kgs to lose, but every bit counts when you have 5kgs.   Keeping a food diary will help you be accountable each day.

5. Tune into hunger

Now is the time to get familiar with your hunger signals.  Is hunger coming from your gut or your head?  Make sure you are leaving at least 4 hours between meals and waiting until you are truly hungry before you eat.

6. Go to bed earlier

Sleep is your fat-burning superpower!  The body burns fat when we sleep so go to bed earlier and give yourself the best chance possible for this to happen.

7. keep a food diary

This daily task will give you data that you can analyse if you’re not seeing the results you desire.

8. drink more WATER

Drinking the right amount of water ensures your body can flush out the fat you are burning. It also helps regulate your appetite. The more you drink, the more you shrink!

9. Shake it up

Our body is so good at adapting to what we are doing.  Your body wants fat for survival.  This is especially true when there are less fat reserves to draw on.  You need to change your food plan regularly to keep your body guessing what is coming next.

10. Accountability

This is essential.  Have someone you are accountable to:  so you show up when you want to give up.

I dangled a carrot in front of myself and decided that if I reached my goal by Christmas, I would buy myself a nice gift.  After several months of faffing around, I finally cracked my goal mid-December.  Did anybody notice?  No, but I felt the difference. Everything in my wardrobe fits with ease, including the cute pair of denim shorts from Brazil that were too tight last Christmas.  I wore them a lot this Summer!

Getting to the finish line gives you a huge boost mentally as well as physically.

It may be challenging, but it is so worth it.

If you need support to shake up your plan or want extra accountability, I’d love to have a chat with you about your goals.  Book in for a free phone call and I can help make sure you achieve your goal faster than I did!