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Are you ready

For a serious metabolic shake up?

Are you determined to reach your goal?

Want to make sure you start this year on a high (with a new low on the scales?)

If so, then this is the programme for you.  It’s a collection of the best nutrition strategies I’ve used to help clients accelerate results – all combined together to make a powerful plan.


A warning: This plan is not for the faint hearted!

This plan is challenging, but to get the best results possible,  you need to challenge yourself.  

In saying that, when I put together a programme it has to be something I’m willing to do myself.  None of the days on this plan involve extremely low calories, in fact if you follow the recommended meals the calories don’t go lower than 1000 calories on any day.

The strategies on this programme are all things that I have done and my clients have done regularly over the past 12 years,  to get faster results.


This plan is for you if:

This plan is not the best option for you if:

The 14-day ultimate weight loss programme has
all you need to succeed:


detailed meal plan

An outline of exactly what to eat each day. The meal plan includes several meal options to choose from as well as a fully-structured, suggested meal plan.

food plan 3

recipe guide

The meal plan includes a mix of simple meals as well as 10 new recipes you can try. All recipes are made with simple ingredients available at the supermarket.


low carb eating guide

A guide to help you understand which foods are the best options for protein, fat and carbohydrate. The guide includes information on good low carb substitutes you can incorporate into your food plan.

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14-day Ultimate Weight Loss Programme

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