24kgs down in 10 months: The formula for success

There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone get to their goal weight.

(Especially when they have exceeded their own expectations and lost 5kgs more than they originally planned to!)

This week I had the privilege of seeing one of my clients get to their goal weight.  She has lost 24kgs in 10 months – a fantastic achievement.  

This lovely lady came to see me in July last year and wasn’t long into her programme when the second wave of lockdowns hit Auckland.  It certainly didn’t slow her progress down.  Her motivation was to lose weight to help improve her health.  She had done diets in the past and been successful, but wasn’t able to keep the weight off in the long term.  This time, she wanted a way of eating that didn’t feel like a diet.   

Everybody’s weight loss journey is unique and there are always lots of lessons learnt along the way.  I asked my client the top 5 things that helped keep her going to achieve her goal. 



This was the number one reason she achieved her goal.  She made regular appointments and kept them.  She came straight after lockdown and straight after the Christmas holidays.  The regular accountability kept her on track and kept her focused on seeing results on the scales.  

An important goal

This time, she focused on the importance of improved health.  She wanted a way of eating that made her feel really good.  Once when she went off the plan and had a ‘treat meal’, her stomach felt really sore afterwards.  She decided to stick to the plan as often as possible because she feels really good eating this way. 

feeling full and enjoying the food

Eating low carb meals with a serving of healthy fats kept her feeling full.  She loved the fact she wasn’t hungry all the time.   

As someone who enjoys sweet food, she made sure she had sugar-free chocolate ready to have when she felt the urge.  

shaking it up

When her progress slowed down, she added in my 5/2 strategy.  This helped keep the momentum going and ensured the scales kept moving downwards. 


She really focused on the goal and kept her eye on the finish line.  Her goal weight put her in a new decade so she was determined to see that number on the scale!  The determination helped her to keep momentum and stay on track with the plan. 

Food is an important part of any weight loss journey, but a diet won’t get you permanent results.   When you add in mindset work, structure, accountability and a way of eating you are happy to do for life,  anything is possible.

You just have to want it, take action, be accountable and determined not to give up!

If you want support on your weight loss journey, come and join my Academy.  I will help you show up so you don’t give up!