A Simple swap to shake things up


breakfast for dinner?

I recently had a client who was struggling to break through a weight loss plateau.  She had been stalling for nearly a month and not seeing much progress at all on the scales, despite her efforts to keep carbs low and cutting back on alcohol.

When the scales stall you need to change something to get a better result.   People tend to think about different meal options and want new ideas for their food plan.  However, there is much for power and opportunity to shake things up when  you start playing around with when you eat and how you eat.

This person was not able to change the timing of her meals most days, due to her work schedule.  So,  I suggested she keep her meal times the same but swap breakfast for dinner.

That’s what she did.  She kept the same meal options but swapped them around so she was having either eggs on keto toast or Paleo cereal and yoghurt for dinner and having meat/salad healthy fats for her first meal of the day.

When we caught up last week she had lost 1.6kgs in weight and her fat was down by 1kg!  

It’s always fascinating to me to see how a person’s body can react to change, even when calories/meals are exactly the same.  She didn’t change her calories it all, just started having a lighter meal in the evening and eating more in the morning.

She has noticed other benefits as well.  She is enjoying feeling more satiated during the day by having a substantial breakfast and is finding she is sleeping better because she is going to bed with a lighter stomach.

It’s always worth trying new things….what have you got to lose?  Only excess body fat!