Surviving the Festive Season

I know, I know….there is a bit part of us that just wants to let our hair down and go to town on the Festive celebrations.  There’s lots of goodies around and lots of alcohol.   There’s nothing at all wrong with taking time out this month to celebrate.  We need it more than ever this […]

Top 10 weight loss tips

To celebrate being in business 10 years I have put together a list of the top 10 things I would love everyone to know about weight loss.

Keto by D

I recently sat down with Delena to talk about her journey and the inspiration behind starting her awesome keto cafe, Keto by D.

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

Halloween is a tricky time if you are a sugar addict. These tips will help you get through without ending up face-first in the sugar!

What’s in your genes?

There’s no doubt that DNA-based health and wellness solutions are the way of the future. What better option is there than to have a wellness programme based on your own unique needs?