Low carb pasta and chicken bake

Ingredients 1 packet of low carb pasta elbows (I used the ‘Great low carb bread co’ pasta, available at www.lowcarbhaven.co.nz 700g skinless chicken breast 5 x streaky bacon strips 80g cream cheese 2 cups chopped mushrooms 100g sour cream 1 cup grated parmesan cheese method Heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Bring a pot […]

Weight loss: What’s love got to do with it?

Tracy Manu is a woman on a mission: to help you fall madly in love with your life. Self love and self belief have such a strong impact on a weight loss journey, but how do we even start the process of acknowledging where we are at and knowing how to move forward? This is […]

Slow down to speed things up

If you are a fast eater, it could be preventing you from losing weight. Here are some simple strategies I use with clients to help slow eating down and speed up results.

Low Carb Cool Down

If you are craving dessert on these hot summer evenings, here are some great low carb options.

Beating the Bloat

Losing weight can be a frustrating journey of ups and downs on the scale.  You can make an effort with nutrition, cut back on sugary treats, hit the gym three times a week; only to find that one morning you get on the scales and find you’ve gained 2kgs overnight for no apparent reason.  If […]

Surviving the Festive Season

I know, I know….there is a bit part of us that just wants to let our hair down and go to town on the Festive celebrations.  There’s lots of goodies around and lots of alcohol.   There’s nothing at all wrong with taking time out this month to celebrate.  We need it more than ever this […]