Halloween: Trick or Treat?

When you suffer from sugar addiction, Halloween can be a very difficult time.  Especially if you have lots of children around you (and goodie bags filled with lollies!) In 2020 Halloween is falling on a Saturday night, which will probably mean a big weekend for lots of people. If you want to stay on track this Halloween weekend, here are some tips to help keep you focussed:
      1. Think ahead to Monday morning – how do you want to feel?  Get out a piece a paper and write this down.  Create a goal for this weekend.  Think about how amazing this will feel on Monday morning
      2. Put this piece of paper somewhere you can see it all weekend.

      3. Have an early night on Friday.  If you are tired on Saturday it will be harder to resist the urge to eat sugar.

      4. Buy some sugar-free alternatives so you have a nice option ready to eat when people around you are eating.  For example, Lindt dark chocolate or well naturally sugar-free chocolate.

      5. Exercise on Saturday and Sunday.  This will help to keep your mindset in tip top shape

The thought of sugar can be so compelling, but it really it is a TRICK.  It promises so much and all it delivers is guilt.

The real treat will be waking up on Monday morning feeling great about the weekend!