How to stay on track this Easter

It's only a few days, but Easter is not a typical long weekend....

It is a time of tradition, much of which revolves around food:  chocolate, sugar and carbs….gulp.

It’s a time when even the most determined person can find themselves tempted!

Here are some tips to help you get through Easter weekend with enjoyment rather than guilt. 

Create a goal for the weekend

This is the most important action of all – decide in advance what your goal is for the long weekend:  Weight gain, maintenance or weight loss.  Once you have decided where you want to be after the weekend, you can plan the actions that will align with your goal.    Will you have one treat or several?  Will you indulge in alcohol or choose other options?  Will you go to town on the hot cross buns or buy keto hot cross buns?  

Whatever your decision, make a commitment to be aware of your actions and take responsibility for the outcome.

set yourself up for success

If you want to either maintain or lose weight, it will be easy when you have lots of delicious low carb options available for the weekend.  Here are my favourites:

Stock up on your favourite low carb/keto treats at Keto by D.

Keto by D has hot cross buns and Easter fat bombs available, as well as their usual wide range of meals and delicious sweet slices, donuts and cakes.

 Keto by D, shop 19/8 Moana ave, Orewa

Closed Good Friday and open 8.30-4pm Saturday and Sunday

KetobyD website


Kiwi Keto Rolls

These delicious spiced honey fruit rolls taste just like hot cross buns.

Put them in the toaster and serve with lashings of butter.

Available at Fruit World in Silverdale.

Sugar-free Chocolate

This one goes without saying – if you love chocolate, make sure you have a good stock of your favourite, sugar-free alternatives available.   When people around you are eating eggs, you can eat your chocolate instead.  Well Naturally, Lindt and Equal chocolate is available at the Supermarkets.  If you love white chocolate, you will love Vitawerx, available online at

Decadent Fudge Company

Fancy some delicious keto fudge this Easter?

The Decadent Fudge Company have put together a special keto pack for Easter with six delicious flavours: dark chocolate, choco mint, raspberry ripple, coconut rough, mocha and hazelnut.  More information here.

Burn it off

If you have overindulged on chocolate or buns, your insulin levels will be sky high.  Exercise is one of the best ways to bring your insulin down so get outside and get your heart pumping.

Use the power of protein

Make sure you include protein with all of your meals over the weekend.  This will help to keep your
blood sugar levels balanced and the sugar cravings at bay. 

Know your limits

If you are triggered by sugar then be aware that sometimes the easiest option is to just say no.  For some people it is impossible to stop at one once they start eating.  If this sounds like you then think about how you are going to feel afterwards if you start eating and accept that you will feel so much better if you just say no.