Keto by D

Our own local legend!

I think the best thing about living on the Hibiscus Coast is having the best café in New Zealand – Keto by D – on our doorstep.

Keto by D is possibly the only café in New Zealand that is solely dedicated to keto/low carb/gluten-free food.  A place where those of us following low carb lifestyles can choose anything from the cabinet and know our insulin and blood sugar levels will remain balanced.  What a blessing!

The inspiration

Delena had the desire to open the cafe following her own weight loss journey.  After struggling with thyroid issues and weight challenges, she went on a low carb diet two years ago and lost 20kgs.    Realising there was a real lack of options when it came to eating out, Delena became inspired to open her own café.

“I wanted to open the kind of café that I wished I could have visited when I started eating low carb.  Ultimately I just really love helping people.  I wanted to create a place where people with specific food restrictions, whether it be coeliac or diabetes or simply people on keto or low carb, could come and pick from a wide range of delicious food”,

Delena loves seeing the results from this way of eating and hearing the stories of customers who travel far and wide to enjoy her food.

“We had a lady who came all the way from Cambridge on her motorbike just to buy a box load of food.  Someone filled up a chilli bin to take down on their flight to Wellington.  Recently I spoke to a customer who had lost 40kgs following a keto eating plan and has come off his diabetic medication.  It’s awesome to hear these stories”.


Delena started her business in Kumeu but moved to her current location in Orewa in March this year, right before lockdown started..  I asked her how this impacted her business.

“From a business perspective we managed to get through OK – to be honest it was quite nice to have a bit of a break!  After spending so much time opening the new business and getting the shop ready,  we were exhausted.  It was actually quite nice to be able to step back for a few weeks and spend time with my family.”

The biggest challenge was more on a personal front – finding that  the extra time spent baking and enjoying a few extra carbs with the kids lead to quick weight gain. 

Luckily she has been able to refocus and has lost another 12kgs in the past few months.


– Coffee first thing.  Sometimes a small breakfast with raspberries, MCT oil and coconut milk

– Usually just two meals per day: meat and veges.  Often a little something sweet is included with lunch (very easy to do when you are at Keto by D!)

– Occasional alcohol


Delena has found that following a low carb eating plan has been great for her health and confidence.

“I feel amazing, especially after my recent weight loss.  It is this great feeling that keeps me motivated and has a huge impact on my mindset.  I feel so much more confident.  I never would have had the confidence to do the videos for my Facebook page before”.

What's coming up for Christmas?

There’s no excuse for weight gain this year!  If you want to stay on track with your low carb/keto food plan and still serve up keto goodies for the family, you certainly won’t be disappointed.  

What about 2021?

“We are coming up with new food ideas all the time! We have a few plans we are working through regarding meals.  We are hoping to get another cabinet so we can have more meals available.  Ultimately we want to be able to have the widest range of food available as possible.”

Keto by D

19/8 Moana Ave, Orewa

Open 7 days.  Monday 9-3pm and the rest of the week and the weekend 8.30am-4pm