Nail your goals in 2021

As clients enter my office they see a large quote on the wall:


“If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

It’s a great way to look at health and weight loss, particularly if this is an area you are struggling in.

If health and wellbeing is your focus this year and you want to succeed, then it needs to be important and you need to question all the excuses you are making.

Motivation is a fickle beast.  It may be easy to feel focused in the morning after a good nights’ sleep or a workout, but what about at 3pm in the afternoon when all you want to do is get stuck into the cookies or leftover Christmas goodies?

One popular theory regarding motivation is that people are usually motivated in two major ways: towards pleasure or away from pain.  People who have something to look forward to or those who are in a bad place and desperate for change.

My most motivated clients achieving the best results tend to fall into two camps:  those moving towards please or away from pain.

Wedding in the future?  I’ve worked with many brides-to-be who their food plan to the letter!  Other good incentives are an overseas holiday to a tropical beach where swimwear is involved or perhaps a family reunion.  Look at body builders and the amazing physical transformations they are able to endure.  Why?  Because it was so important to them.

At the other end of the scale, I see people who are in pain.  The extra weight and ongoing health issues has gotten to a level where it is now impacting on their quality of life.  Cholesterol and blood pressure are high and they have joint pain from carrying around the extra weight.   It gets to the point where they know they absolutely must lose weight no matter what.

The challenge for most of us is when we are in neither of these groups and are sitting in the middle.  Yes, we would love to lose a few kgs but do we want it enough to change our lifestyle or give up foods/alcohol that we enjoy?

The key is to weigh up the situation…which is greater – the perceived pleasure of food/alcohol (which is, in reality, a very quick fix) or the ongoing displeasure of not feeling comfortable in your body?

If you fall in this camp and want to change this in 2021 my advice is to focus on your goal and make it important.  Make it exciting!  Book a holiday, organise a family reunion for later in the year.  Maybe it’s a good time to make that marriage proposal?!

Without any doubt, there is one statement about weight loss I know is true: If you want it badly enough, you will find a way and stop the excuses.