Quick and easy protein options

It’s really important to include protein with every meal.  Protein makes you feel satiated, it burns more calories when your body is digesting it and keeps you full for longer.  It is also essential for so many processes within your body, including supporting your immune system. 

Here are some products you can have ready to go for quick and yummy meals.


Frank's chicken & Pork sausages

Delicious range of chicken and pork sausages.  They are gluten free and don’t have fillers so super low in carbs.    Frank’s also do a range of Deli dogs – great for the kids!

Available at Farro, Naturally Organic and a range of New World supermarkets.  For more information see www.frankssausages.co.nz 


Tegel frozen chicken strips

My new favourite!  This 400g pack is enough for 4 x lunches or 3 x dinners.  Three flavours available:  plain, satay or tandoori.  All are low in carbs and are ready to eat after 6-7 minutes of cooking.

Great option when you want something warm and simple.  Available at all supermarkets.

protein bread

Protein Bread Company Products

I recommend this range of products to people who don’t love meat.  All products are high in protein and very low in carbs.  Options include bread mix, pizza base mix, muffin mix, pancakes, biscuit mix, low carb crumb – lots of choices!

More information at www.lovepbco.com.  You can buy products in New Zealand through Mighty Ape.



Biltong is a great option for a high-protein snack, especially if you need to eat on the run and don’t have access to a kitchen.

As a processed food I wouldn’t recommend this to be eaten every day, but I have had lots of clients who have achieved great weight loss results while eating biltong from time to time.  


Anchor Protein+ yoghurt

This is one of my favourite products.  Such a great option for people who don’t like eggs for breakfast.  A 180g size tub of this yoghurt has 14g protein – the same as two eggs!  It is a great meal when combined with keto cereal.

Available at all supermarkets.

Angel Bay

Angel Bay beef patties

Who doesn’t love a good low carb burger?!

With a pack of Angel Bay patties in the freezer you have a great option available at any time.  The lite version has 124 cals per patty with 14g protein, 4.7g fat and  and 5g of carbs.



L’Authentique are a great range of fresh sausages with no gluten, fillers or nitrates.

Flavours included pork & fennel, fresh chorizo, beef steak, as well as a range of chicken and lamb sausages.  

Available at Farro and select supermarkets.  For more information see www.lauthentique.co.nz


Tegel chicken tenders

I always have a pack of these in the fridge – a great option for a quick lunch.  The pack comes with 4 chicken tenders and a lunch serving is approx 2 tenders.  

Each serving has 85cals, 18g protein, 1g fat and 1g carbs.