Retail ‘Therapy’

There’s nothing quite like the cold, hard reality of the mirror in a clothing store changing room to bring home the truth of where you are at with your weight.

As Auckland has emerged out of lockdown, many of my clients have been hitting the shops, keen to see how their weight loss is influencing clothing sizes. I had a lovely chat with one of my members yesterday who is very close to getting to her goal weight. When she went shopping she was fitting a size 12, down from a size 16-18 earlier this year.  It was  such a thrill to listen to the joy in her voice as she described her shopping experience.

It made me think of one of my most ‘memorable’ retail therapy experiences.

When I was at my heaviest weight (approximately 92kgs) I was desperately trying to find a new skirt for work.  I tried on a size 18 and it was so tight that the zip busted right apart.  I was horrified!!  I was so embarrassed I paid for it anyway and quickly left the shop to go home and bawl.  My mum fixed the zip  and I wore it a few times (very uncomfortably…!)

I moved to Japan a few months later (which is when this photo was taken) and took that skirt, which ended up in the bottom of my drawers.   About a year later I was sniffing around in my drawers one day and saw something lurking at the bottom: the skirt of my nightmares.  By this time, I had started my weight loss journey and had already lost about 20kgs.  I tried the skirt on and it couldn’t even stay up – it fell right back down again.  There was nothing keeping it in place. 

I can’t even describe how good that felt.  I picked that skirt up with tears in my eyes and threw it straight in the bin!  I felt  so happy and proud of myself for being in such a different place,  where shopping had become a source of absolute joy rather than pain.

This is why I am so motivated to do what I do:  to help people have this joy as they lose weight and keep it off.  It truly is life changing!

If you are avoiding shopping right now and dread the thought of a changing room, let me help you get back on track so you can hit the shops in style!  Join my Academy weight loss programme and get started today.