Surviving the Festive Season

I know, I know….there is a bit part of us that just wants to let our hair down and go to town on the Festive celebrations.  There’s lots of goodies around and lots of alcohol.  

There’s nothing at all wrong with taking time out this month to celebrate.  We need it more than ever this year!

But let’s face the facts:  overeating leads to feeling stuffed, bloated and gross.  Drinking and eating too many carbs does not feel great the next day.  Is that how you want to feel as we come into the New Year?  

I’m sure you want to start 2021 feeling positive, energised and ready to take on the New Year with hope and confidence.  You will if you create a plan for this month and take action.  Here are some key actions to help keep you on track:

Decide on your goal: weight loss or maintenance

If you have a lot of functions coming up then it may be more realistic to aim for weight maintenance over this period.   This is absolutely fine – maintaining weight is a lot better than gaining!  My formula for maintenance is 80/20.  Follow low carb most of the time but give yourself room to enjoy your special occasions. 

If you want to continue with weight loss, plan your special occasions carefully.  Most of my clients are able to have at least one treat meal per week and still get a result.  The key is to be focussed and disciplined the rest of the time.   The formula for weight loss is 95/5: Following your plan as strictly as possible most of the time and having one treat meal per week.

stick to regular meals and make sure you are getting enough protein

Don’t be tempted to skip meals because you have overindulged – this will only slow your metabolism down.  Christmas treats are often very high in carbohydrates which can send your blood sugar levels into a spin.  Balance this out by getting back on track as soon as possible; eating protein with every meal will help get your blood sugar levels stabilised.

Limit alcohol

We all know about the calories in alcohol but also take into consideration the negative flow-on effects: it compromises your digestion, slows your metabolism down, causes dehydration and can impede your body’s ability to burn fat for up to three days afterwards!  Limit your drinking to special occasions and give your liver the chance to keep the fat furnace burning.

Keep moving

Exercise will help reduce stress and increase energy.  Work out so you can go out!

Take the focus away from food

As you plan for  Festive treats, try to also remember the consequences of overindulging.  Nobody likes tight pants!

Focus instead on other pleasures: spending time with friends and family, buying gifts for your loved ones and enjoying outdoor exercise in the sun.  

Remember:  Christmas is only one day.  Don’t let the excesses of the Festive season last one month!  Focus on your goals and make a conscious decision to put yourself first during this busy time.  By limiting your intake of alcohol and party food you are not depriving yourself – you are giving yourself the gift of good health.  A gift that will benefit every area of your life.