Water vs Hydration

are you well hydrated?

There is a difference between drinking water and being adequately hydrated.    If you sweat a lot or are doing intense exercise and drinking a lot of water,  you want to make sure any electrolytes stay balanced.

One simple thing you can do is  add an electrolyte supplement to your water.   You don’t need to do it every day, but is beneficial during times of intense exercise and sweating.  Adding electrolytes can also help if you suffer from  muscle cramps/spasms.

These are the electrolytes I recommend to clients:

Biotrace elite ion-power

This product is great because it is sugar-free and you can simply add a few drops to your water bottle when desired. It contains 72 naturally-occurring trace elements and minerals.


I love using nuun electrolytes because they come in different flavours but are sweetened with stevia so a great option if you follow a low-carb lifestyle.   These are also a great option if you are fasting and want a delicious drink to help you get through the fast.

Musashi electrolytes

This formula tastes delicious and is 99% sugar free so it is another awesome low-carb option.

This would also be helping during fasting if you want to make sure your electrolytes stay balanced.