How to break through plateaus on the scale

25 May 2021

7.30 - 8.30pm

60 minutes

Full of tips and tricks

My intention:

give you lots of ideas to try. new action = new results

Are you sick of the scales stalling

When you still have weight to lose?

Weight loss can be a tricky beast.  

I should know because it’s what I’ve specialised in for 10 years now – helped women to lose weight and break through plateaus on the scales along the way. 

Yes, the scales can be stubborn. The key is understanding WHY stalls happen and then coming up with a plan of action to get them moving again. 

In this webinar I will share my top tips and tricks with you

Let me take all the guess work out for you and get those scales moving again!

What you will get

plan of action

By the end of the workshop you will have a clear plan of action so you can get cracking straight away.

Q&A session

There will be time at the end of the presentation for you to ask questions and get feedback based on your own situation and needs.

Ready to take action?


Yes you will need to attend this webinar in person.  This webinar won’t be recorded.  

I use ZOOM for my webinars so please make sure you have this software downloaded on your device.

Yes, we will definitely be talking about the best food plan for fat burning.

The webinar will be presented as a Zoom meeting.  You will see the zoom link when you register for the webinar.  Click on the link at 7.30pm and you will be able to access the webinar.

Not necessarily – just keep your camera turned off if you don’t want to be seen.  Another trick – you can change your zoom profile settings to a different name if you want to stay anonymous.