Get your unique plan to lose weight and keep it off

18 Feb 2021

12pm - 1.30pm
take time out to focus on you!

90 minutes

and you'll come away with the plan that is going to get you results

My promise:

that You will discover exactly what you need to do to lose weight for good

You probably know what to do to lose weight..

So why isn't it working?

We all know what to do but there’s a reason it’s not working – I want to tell you what it is.

I know what you need to do to achieve permanent weight loss ( I should – I have sustained my 30kg weight loss for 23 years now)  and I have shared my food plan and systems with thousands of people in the past 10 years I have worked as a weight loss coach.


In this webinar I will share my 'Triple A' system with you

Let me take all the guess work out for you and make weight loss easy (and fun!)

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What you will learn

The systems of a professional

I'm not just some wannabe on social media. I have maintained my weight loss for 23 years. I'm a qualified nutritionist and I've run my own weight loss coaching business for the past 10 years. I know how to get results!

Goal setting techniques

If you are not taking action right now, you simply don't have the right goal. Learn how I help clients create a goal that gets them excited and ready to take the actions required to achieve it.

the key actions that will ensure success

You will identify the type of eater you are and then decide the actions you need to take. Having an aligned action plan is the most important part of a weight loss journey!

the best food plan for fat loss

Yip - we will definitely be talking about food! I will share the plan I use with clients that gets awesome results.

The secret ingredient of permanent weight loss

I lost 30 kilos 23 years ago and have kept it off ever since. I lost another 40kgs of pregnancy weight along the way. I will share the secret of how I have done this (hint - it has nothing to do with food!)

What you will get

PDF handout

You will receive a handout on the morning of Thursday 18th February. This will contain all you need to know for the webinar as well as extra resources for ongoing support.

plan of action

By the end of the workshop you will have a clear plan of action so you can get cracking straight away.

Q&A session

There will be time at the end of the presentation for you to ask questions and get feedback based on your own situation and needs.

ongoing support

After the webinar you can sign up to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions and get any further support you may need.

My mission: To help as many women as possible get off the diet wagon and share the systems that make sustainable weight loss achievable, enjoyable and fun!

Ready to take action?


If you can attend in person you will get the most benefit as you will be able to ask questions at the end and get individual support.   If you can’t make it the session will be recorded and will be made available for those who have registered.

Yes, we will definitely be talking about the best food plan for fat burning.

The webinar will be presented as a Zoom meeting.  You will see the zoom link when you register for the webinar.  Click on the link at 12pm and you will be able to see the presentation.

Not necessarily – just keep your camera turned off if you don’t want to be seen.  Another trick – you can change your zoom profile settings to a different name if you want to stay anonymous.

The PDF handout will be emailed to you on the morning of Thursday 18th February.  That way you can print it out and have it ready to go by 12pm.

Not a problem.  The webinar will be recorded so you can access the entire call at a later time.  You can also sign up for the private Facebook Group afterwards and I can answer your questions there.