You've spent years dieting.
But you've never been able to reach your goal and stay there.
Instead you 'fall off the wagon' and blame yourself.

It's time for a new wagon!

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I’m Sheryl Takayama,  weight loss coach and founder of Why Weight Academy. 

I know what it’s like to wake up full of regret about what you ate the day before and I’m on a mission to help every woman get off the dieting bandwagon and wake up feeling full of joy!

I want you to discover what I’ve found:  a way of eating so delicious that you can achieve your goals and never feel like you are on a diet.

A way of eating that’s flexible so you can enjoy restaurant meals and special occasions without feeling like you are missing out.

The system I’ve learnt to keep off to master weight maintenance and shared with my clients to help them do the same.

I've helped thousands of women change their lives.

I'd love for you to be next!

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Why Weight Academy =

Real women achieving real results!


A delicious way of eating you will be happy to follow for life.


Tools and strategies to help you deal with emotional eating and stay focused on your goal


It's easy to stay on track when you have everything you need to be organised like a pro!


A privage Facebook group where we support each other and focus on fun!

scale anger

You want off the crazy diet bandwagon

We know that diets don’t work but that doesn’t stop us from trying!

We waste so much time looking for the magic fix.  Going from diet to diet, hoping each time that it will be final solution so we can lose the weight and never gain it back.

We start the week full of motivation and discipline, only to be back in the food by Friday, promising ourself that we will ‘start again on Monday’.

It’s exhausting!

It’s lonely.

It’s frustrating.

We blame ourself for not being able to stick to the diet and giving in.

There's a better way

I know because I found it
I lost 30kgs and have kept it off for 23 years

We all have different reasons behind our weight gain.  Mine was using food as a way of dealing with grief.  I turned to food and emotionally eating and gained 20kgs in one year!

The worst thing wasn’t how uncomfortable it felt, it was the fact that I let the weight stop me from enjoying one of my greatest joys in life – singing – because I was too embarrassed to get up on stage.

Diets worked for a short time but we know how impossible it is to follow a restrictive eating plan and feel hungry.  I would always give up, gaining all the weight back – plus interest!


Then I discovered what actually worked and it changed my life.

This is what I want for you:

I'll teach you how to eat delicious food, lose weight and keep it off.

It's your time!

If you are looking for:

A plan you can follow for life...

You have found it!

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Why Weight Academy

is a premium weight loss membership programme

When you become a member you can achieve your weight loss goal with resources, support and accountability..

…….from the comfort of your own home.


               You will get a fat-burning FOOD PLAN and you will also get all the resources you need to set                                yourself up for success and…

     Get great results!

why weight academy

Is the programme I wish I could have joined when I first started my weight loss journey!

It’s so much more than what you get at a one-off appointment.

With the programme you get ongoing resources, ongoing motivation, ongoing inspiration.

A diet gives you a food plan.  This programme gives you the whole package:  food, mindset, organisation tools and a community of like-minded women who are sharing the journey.

This programme is the accumulation of what I’ve learnt on my own weight loss journey over the past 23 years as well as working as a coach for the past 12 years. 


 I’m so pleased to be able to help other women, just like you, get the resources you need to hit the ground running and achieve success.  

This programme gives you all you need to succeed:

Food plan and resources

What to eat, when to eat, why you need to eat.
- 14-day fully structured low carb starter meal plan
- Food plan, meal planner, Low Carb Eating Guide
- Access to 50 exclusive low carb recipes and new recipe emailed every week
- New 5-day meal plan emailed every Friday for the following week

private facebook group

Our own private community
This is where the fun takes place! Recipes, food pics, sharing the good times and the challenges.
- Q&A sessions for extra guidance
- Regular videos, resources, new ideas and inspiration

ongoing learning

All the hot topics of weight loss
- Weekly emails with new resources
- Monthly guest speaker presentations
- Access to previous guest speaker presentations on topics including mindset, sleep, weight loss beliefs, organisation and the power of habits

goal setting and planning

Be organised like a pro!
- 30-day planning journal (PDF)
- Downloads: Daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner
- Goal setting templates
- Monthly action planner and checklist

Plateau-busting strategies

Shake up the scales with new strategies each month
Plateaus are a normal part of weight loss (and very frustrating!) Each month you receive new strategies to help break through plateaus on the scale. You will know exactly what to do to get the scales moving downwards again.


30-day Reset journal and planner

When you join the Academy you will receive the 30-day Reset Journal and Planner.

This PDF Download will help you get aligned to your goal and focus on your key actions for success.

Each day has a page for journaling, with special prompts to help you as you make progress on your weight loss journey.

Standard price = $29
yours for free when you join!

Why weight membership

No joining fee
Cancel anytime
$ 59 per month
  • Access to private website with all food, mindset and planning resources
  • New meal plan every week
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • 14-day fully structured starter plan
  • New recipes and resources emailed every week
  • Bonus: 5-day Reset Programme

Looking for individual support?

Upgrade to the premium membership and come for a check-in at Sheryl's office in Orewa for extra accountability.

Why weight premium membership

No joining fee
Cancel anytime
$ 179 per month
  • Individual check-ins with Sheryl
  • Access to private website with all food, mindset and planning resources
  • New meal plan every week
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • 14-day fully structured starter plan
  • New recipes and resources emailed every week
  • Bonus: 5-day Reset programme

not sure?

Click here to book in a time for a no-obligation chat so we can talk about your goals

frequently asked questions

Low carb is the foundation food plan of the Academy programme.  You will be given a food plan template with suggested portions of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  The number of meals/snacks per day will depend on how much weight you need to lose.  In the eating guide you will find all the different options for protein/carbs/fat along with a meal options sheet and recipe guide.  This way of eating is based on simple, real food.  No supplements or special foods are required.

No.  The benefit of eating low carb is that you will be having portions of healthy fat throughout the day.  Fat helps to keep you satiated so you shouldn’t be hungry.

Yes.  It is possible to be vegetarian/vegan and still follow a low carb plan.  The key is to make sure you are eating enough protein throughout the day.  Vegetarian/vegan protein options are included within the eating guide.

No you don’t.  With the food plan you get a template of portions for protein/carbohydrate/fat that you should follow each meal.  On the meal options sheet you will find lots of suggestions for different meals.  But, it’s up to you which meals you choose to eat.  Low carb eating can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

You will get access to the private website with all the resources as soon as you sign up so you can start straight away.

Pregnancy is an important time and your needs are unique.  If you are concerned about your nutrition during pregnancy, please book in a 1-1 appointment so we can discuss your individual needs. 

Yes.  If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, it is possible to follow a low-carb plan and lose weight.  The key for most people is to limit your intake of high FODMAP vegetables as it is often these high-fibre vegetables that can cause irritation.  I suffer from IBS and have managed my symptoms really well 

No.  You don’t have to weigh yourself if you don’t want to.  This is your journey and all that matters is that you are getting results you are happy with.  Everyone has their own goals and weighing yourself is not compulsory.

There are no contracts – you can cancel your membership anytime you want to.

There is no joining fee with the Academy memberships.  

The fee is $59 (incl. GST)

With the premium membership , when you make your first monthly payment of $179 (incl. GST)  you get access to the website and you can book your first check-in with Sheryl.


If you have scrolled to the bottom of the page..

I thank you!

And I hope I get the chance to help you turn your weight loss dream into a reality!