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Are you sick of dieting,
losing weight and then...


I know how you feel and the truth is that it has very little to do with food.

The key to success is not just having the right food plan – it’s having the tools, strategies and accountability in place so you stay on track,  even when life gets in the way.

Why Weight Academy has all resources you want combined with the support and accountability you need.  

All available at your fingertips.


is a premium weight loss membership programme.

When you become a member you can achieve your weight loss goal with resources, support and accountability



you will get a fat-burning FOOD PLAN and You will also get all the resources you need to set yourself up for success and…

Get Great Results!


will give you all you need to succeed

Food plan and resources

What to eat, When to eat, Why you need to eat
You can get cracking with your 14-day low carb starter meal plan.
You also get a food plan, meal planner, recipe guide and eating guide.
A way of eating so delicious you will be happy to follow it for life (I know - I've eaten this way for 23 years!)
Each week you receive a new recipe, exclusive to members of the Academy.

Planning Templates

Be organised like a pro!
Get on track and stay on track with all the planning templates you could possibly need: One month planning journal, daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, meal planner, Goal and planning checklist - all designed to help connect your food plan with your life plan.

Ongoing learning

- Weekly emails
- Monthly guest speakers (and access to previous presentations)
Each month we focus on a different theme, covering all the important topics of health and weight loss. Topics include habits, stress management, mindset, metabolic stimulation and focused fat burning.

specialised support: food & sugar addiction

- Join the private Facebook group
- Fortnightly Zoom support meetings
If you are looking for extra support to overcome sugar/food addiction, you don't need to struggle alone. Join the Academy support group and you will have access to exclusive resources, support and community.


Weigh-in with Sheryl, in person or via Email
With the premium membership you can come for a body composition check-in with Sheryl at her office in Orewa every fortnight, as desired. If you can't come in person you can do a Zoom check-in for guidance/support and greater accountability on your weight loss journey.

Private Facebook Page

Our own private community
This is where the fun takes place! Recipes, food pics, sharing the good times and the challenges.
Regular live videos from Sheryl with extra resources and inspiration.

In the past 11 years I’ve helped thousands of men and women achieve their weight loss goals and change their lives.

Is it time to PUT YOURSELF FIRST and make weight loss your priority?

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Joining Why Weight Academy
will give you immediate access to:


Module contains: Instruction video, 14-day starter low carb meal plan, food plan, templates, recipe guide, eating guide, blank meal planner

Let’s face it – this is what we all want to know:  what/when/how to eat to achieve our goal!  The food module will give you everything you need to get started right away.



Module contains: Instruction video, PDF handouts, Goal setting templates, Goal Checklist

Effective goal setting is a critical part of any weight loss journey.  This module will help you create a powerful goal and track your progress daily.


Module contains: Instruction video and one month planning journal. Templates for daily, weekly & monthly planning. Weight tracking template.

Being organised is one of the most important parts of your weight loss journey.  Over the years I have created many planning templates – you will get them all as soon as you sign up. Get ready to be organised like a pro!

Weekly emails, guest speakers covering key topics in weight loss and weight management:  habits, mindset, stress management, metabolic stimulation.

Happy to do this on your own?

With a basic membership you get access to all the resources, including the private website, weekly emails and the weekly meal plan, delivered each Friday for the following week.   You can also join the private Facebook group for extra support and ongoing motivation.


Initial payment of $60 for first four weeks then $15 per week
$ 15 weekly payment
  • Access to private Webpage with all resources
  • Weekly structured meal plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Two-week low carb starter plan
  • Access to sugar/food addiction recovery support group

Premium membership: individual support

If you want serious results and individual support, this is the membership for you.  Once you join you get an appointment with Sheryl to discuss your food plan and then you have regular check-ins with body composition analysis on the scales so you can see how much fat you are losing. 


monthly payment, no joining fee
$ 120 per month (incl. GST)
  • Accountability weigh-ins with Sheryl
  • Weekly structured meal plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to private Webpage with all resources
  • Two-week low carb starter plan
  • Access to sugar/food addiction recovery support group
  • Group coaching via Zoom if desired
  • Free access to weight loss programmes


one-off payment, no joining fee
$ 329 (one-off (incl. GST)
  • Accountability weigh-ins with Sheryl
  • Weekly structured meal plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to private Webpage with all resources
  • Two-week low carb starter plan
  • Access to sugar/food addiction recovery support group
  • Group coaching via Zoom if desired
  • Free access to weight loss programmes
special price

maximum results: VIP membership

Weekly check-ins with Sheryl and email and phone support whenever you need it.  If you want to smash your goals with direct access to a weight loss expert, this is the plan for you.  When you are a VIP you will always have first place in the queue!


monthly payment, no joining fee
$ 299 Per Month
  • one-hour individual consultation with Sheryl
  • Accountability check-in every week with Sheryl
  • Email & phone support when needed
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to private Webpage with all resources
  • Food plan, meal plans
  • Two-week starter plan
  • Weekly structured meal plan
  • Free access to all weight loss programmes

Not Sure?

Click here to book in a time for a no-obligation chat with Sheryl

What people are saying

Frequently asked questions

Low carb is the foundation food plan of Why Weight Academy.  You will be given a food plan template with suggested portions of protein, carbohydrate and fat.   Number of meals/snacks per day will depend on how much weight you need to lose.  In the eating guide you will find all the different options for protein/carbs/fat along with a meal options sheet and recipe guide.  This way of eating is based on simple, real food.  No supplements or special foods are required.

No.  The benefit of eating low carb is that you will be having portions of healthy fat throughout the day.  Fat helps to keep you satiated so you shouldn’t be hungry.

Yes.  It is possible to be vegetarian/vegan and still follow a low carb plan. The key is to make sure you are eating enough protein throughout the day.  Vegetarian/Vegan protein options are included within the eating guide.

No you don’t.  With the food plan you get a template of portions for protein/carbohydrate/fat that you should follow each meal.  On the meal options sheet you will find lots of suggestions for different meals.  But, it’s up to you which meals you choose to eat.  Low carb eating can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

You will get access to the private website with all the resources as soon as you sign up so you can start straight away.

Pregnancy is an important time and your needs are unique.  If you are concerned about your nutrition during pregnancy, please book in a 1-1 appointment so we can discuss your individual needs. 

Yes.  If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, it is possible to follow a low-carb plan and lose weight.  The key for most people is to limit your intake of high FODMAP vegetables as it is often these high-fibre vegetables that can cause irritation.  I suffer from IBS and have managed my symptoms really well 

No.  You don’t have to weigh yourself if you don’t want to.  This is your journey and all that matters is that you are getting results you are happy with.  Everyone has their own goals and weighing yourself is not compulsory.

There are no contracts – you can cancel your membership anytime you want to.

There is no joining fee with the Academy memberships.  

With the basic membership you pay for the first four weeks when you join ($60) and after that it is $15 weekly. 

With the premium membership , when you make your first monthly payment of $120 (incl. GST) or sign up for the 3-month membership ($349, incl. GST) you get access to the website and you can book your first check-in with Sheryl.

The VIP membership is  $399 (incl. GST) per month.

Joining the Academy gives you discounted rates!

Why Weight Programmes

8-week Nutrition bootcamp

This bootcamp is your fast track to success! A programme designed to target what matters most in weight loss: Eating. New food strategies released every 2 weeks to help keep the scales moving downwards.

$115: 50% discount from early bird price of $229

Goal Setting, Planning, Private Facebook Page, Food Plans, Meal Plans, Eating Guide, Recipe Book
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Why Weight Programmes

5 Day reset

Reset your metabolism and mindset with this structured 5-day plan, designed to help you lose fat fast.

$24.50: 50% from full price of $49

Food plan (3 options for each meal), recipe guide.
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