Weight loss: What’s love got to do with it?

Tracy Manu is a woman on a mission: to help you fall madly in love with your life.

Self love and self belief have such a strong impact on a weight loss journey, but how do we even start the process of acknowledging where we are at and knowing how to move forward?

This is where Tracy steps in.

She has worked as a life coach for the past 10 years, helping people to work on all aspects of their mindset so they can achieve their goals.

I recently connected with Tracy to talk about her work and how mindset impacts our ability to lose weight.

Tracy helps people explore and understand their default beliefs.  She helps uncover how these default beliefs are driving the decisions people are making.  Not surprisingly, this awareness is very helpful when someone is on a weight loss journey.

“If you are struggling with weight loss, you need to uncover how old beliefs are driving the food decisions you are making now,” says Tracy.

Some of the common beliefs that come up with people who are struggling with weight loss are:

Tracy has seen over the years that when women aren’t taking care of themselves, they are often not making supportive choices with their food.

“If you’re not dealing with stress properly, you are far more likely to grab a bad food choice.  It’s not food that’s the problem, it is stress.”

When weight loss isn’t happening, Tracy encourages people to get connected with what their body is trying to tell them.

“If you are rushing all the time because you believe you are too busy, you probably have high cortisol levels.  You may be eating well and doing lots of exercise but not seeing any results.  Get hormones tested so you can see where your cortisol levels are at and deal with this first.”

Connecting with your body also means being conscious of beliefs.

“If you keep stuffing food down, it simply distracts you from connecting with your body.  You won’t be in touch with your beliefs or emotions”.

Tracy also helps people look at the language they are using when they talk about their eating.

“I often hear comments like ‘I feel bad’ and ‘I am naughty’.  People talk about food in terms of it being good or bad.  The language we use just confirms our beliefs”.

At the end of the day, being aware of beliefs and understanding beliefs is the key to moving forward.

“When we know why we are doing what we are doing, we can start the process of changing our beliefs so we can take different actions and, ultimately, get the result we desire”.

Tracy's Top Tips

Goal Setting

staying calm and mindful

Working with Tracy

Tracy works exclusively online. 

She does one-off sessions and also has a 3-month programme. She loves helping people with all areas of their lives and particularly with relationships.

More information:  www.blossom.net.nz