Weight maintenance made easy

“Whatever you do to lose weight, you need to keep doing if you want to keep the weight off”

This week I caught up with one of my lovely clients for the first time since July last year.

In July she had got down to her goal weight, having lost 24kgs in 10 months. I was thrilled to see that she has maintained her result and is the same weight 7 months down the track.  Such a fantastic achievement, especially considering we have been through a long lockdown, Christmas and the holiday season over this time.
Some people say that maintaining weight is even harder than losing weight.  Goodness knows that many of us have experienced the cycle of losing weight only to gain it back again.  This is why diets don’t work.  All they are teaching you is how to do a diet…and unless you are prepared to eat diet food forever, there usually comes a time where we go back to old habits and foods and unfortunately the lost weight finds us again!
I have maintained my original 30kg weight loss for 23 years now which is why I’m so passionate about the low carb way of eating – I know it works!  I’ve seen success with multiple clients as well.
My client said the key to her successful maintenance has been staying accountable by weighing herself regularly and also booking in for check-ins at my office (she has booked another appointment for 3 months’ time).  She is still eating low carb most of the time and took her favourite low carb substitutes with her when she went away over Christmas so she could still make good choices.  In her words:  “This is easy!”
I always say that whatever you do to lose weight, you need to keep doing if you want to keep the weight off.  With all the low carb substitutes available now you can have bread, pizzas, burgers and enjoy delicious foods like cheese, mayonnaise and pesto.  Lots of flavour, lots of variety.
Maintaining weight while eating cheese, mayo and dark chocolate every day is a food plan I’m certainly happy to follow for life!