What’s in your genes?

There’s no doubt that DNA-based health and wellness solutions are the way of the future.  What better option is there than to have a wellness programme based on your own unique needs?

Fitgenes offer a DNA test which looks at the genes (and genetic variations) that impact your health and wellbeing.

Once your DNA is analysed in the laboratory, a personalized profile report is created, looking specifically at the genes related to health and wellbeing.  This information is then used by accredited practitioners to design your personalized health and wellness plan. This report contains your personal genetic profile showing your genetic variants you may have in your genes, which in turn can influence your fitness, health and nutrition.

The genetic variants tested as part of your DNA profile are grouped according to the primary physiological effect they have on your body. The groups are:

Once you have done your test and I have received your report, we will have an appointment to sit down, discuss the results and come up with a plan of action focused on your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

You will find more information about the Fitgenes Health and Wellness Report here.

Fitgenes DNA test and 45-minute appointment: $550

If you would like to book a Fitgenes Health and Wellness Report, please get in touch with me via Email.

If you would like to find out more, book in a time for a 10-minute phone chat and we can discuss.