When the shizzle hits the fan, control what you can!

There’s a fair amount of shizzle going on in the world right now.

Shizzly times are a problem for emotional eaters because if we get overly emotional and don’t have strategies to deal with our emotions, we tend to eat over them…..and eat…..and eat…..
If you are going to use world events/pandemics/isolation as your excuse for emotional eating, you have a great reason to keep doing what you are doing…but pretty soon you will have another problem to add to your list: tight pants!

It is more important right now than ever before to step up for yourself and start acting your way back into good thinking.  In addition to the physical benefits, your mental health will improve so much when you get back on track with your nutrition.

Actions you can take today to turn this around and have a great week ahead:

  1. Get out a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you can’t control and all the things you can.  Decide to completely forget about all those things you can’t control (what’s the point?) and put all of your energy into controlling what you can.
  2. Write a food plan for the week.  Decide how you want to feel  and determine the meals that will help you achieve that goal
  3. Drink more water!  At least two litres per day.  Dehydration will stress your body out and you certainly don’t need extra stress right now
  4. Stop looking at the media.  It’s nothing but doom and gloom and will do absolutely nothing to help your mental health.  Watch something funny instead.
  5. Go to bed on time!  This is crucial.  Tiredness will make you more vulnerable to afternoon snacking.
  6. Get outside as often as possible – exercise will help you work off emotional stress

There’s so much that is in our control. Take ownership of everything that you can and you will be in a much better space to handle the things that you can’t.