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If you’re sick of dieting and want a permanent solution, you have found it.


I'm Sheryl

If you are struggling with weight, I know how you feel. 

If you are sick of the non-stop cycle of losing and gaining weight, you have come to the right place.

I’m an emotional eater and I’ve learnt how to maintain my 70kg weight loss, Even though sometimes I still emotionally eat. 

I’m Sheryl – nutritionist, emotional eater, recovering sugar addict and someone who walks the talk everyday.  I can help you to lose weight but, more importantly, by working with me you will learn how to keep the weight off. 

I’ve worked as a nutritionist for the past 10 years, sharing my tools and strategies with hundreds of others.

Let me help you too!

Why weight academy programme now open

My premium weight loss programme is open for registrations until the 10th of May. All the resources you want with the accountability and support you need!

how can i help you to lose weight?

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why weight academy:
online coaching

4-Week summer shred

21-day Guided fasting plan

21-Day Guided Fasting plan

If you are ready to push your food on the accellerator, this plan is for you! Targeted fasting plan designed to shake up your metabolism and get results fast.

Fast fat loss

Targeted plan for highly motivated people!

- 21-day intermittent fasting plan
- structured meal template
- plan varies each week to stimulate metabolism and results
-Includes low carb eating guide and recipe guide
- Planning templates
- Email support
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8-week Nutrition Bootcamp

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